American Pit-bull Terriers       


Receipt Bill of Sale / dog description, vaccination history / health warranty


SOTO PITS acknowledges that on __________________________an American Pitbull Terrier:  pup / juvenile / adult


Was sold to (Print)________________________________________for the sum amount of $________________




Sire _____________________________________________Dam__________________________________________



1st puppy shots____________________________2nd puppy shots__________________________________



3nd puppy shots____________________________4th puppy shots__________________________________


Health Warranty


    All pups will be up to date on vaccinations. It is the sole responsibility of the new owner to follow up on all vaccinations and is responsible for all vet bills once the pup leaves our premises. We at SOTO PITS strive to produce the healthiest pups possible. All pups are checked for proper heart beat, lungs checked for any inappropriate breathing. They are also checked for proper joint movement, under bite and overbite. The pups will be vigorous and healthy or they will not leave our premises

     We suggest you take your new pup to a licensed veterinarian within 48hrs from the time of purchase, so the pup can have a complete check up. If there is something we missed or were not able to identify and the pup has a very serious life threatening illness SOTO PITS will replace the pup with another pup of the same value. Just bring in the diagnosis or death certificate and registration certificate. The health warranty is only valid within those 48 hrs., and does not cover any minor illnesses. After the 48hrs this health warranty is completely void.

    *Please note: Parvovirus is completely void from the warranty. Parvovirus is a very contagious air borne virus; we have no control of how you take care of your pup or where you take it once he/she leaves our premises. So the 48hr warranty does not cover Parvovirus.

   All money/cash paid is non-refundable. Make sure you take the time to pick the right pup for you. There will be no cash returns if you change your mind. There are no exceptions! By signing this receipt/health warranty document you are agreeing to all terms and conditions established by SOTO PITS.



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*Please note;This information is completely confidential. It is necessary in the case we have to mail the registration certificate. Or in case we have to get a hold of you. Please make sure you fill it out correctly.










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